Tohickon Glass Eyes

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We offer glass eyes in eight colors, from 3mm up to 14 mm. Clear "flint" eyes can be painted any color! Also, we carry specific fish eyes, concave-convex aspheric bird eyes, and Viper/Cat eyes.

"When intensity, depth and accuracy are just your starting point, why compromise the most important area of the sculpture with anything but the very best? When it's time to re-create just the right look in by Birds of Prey.... I look to Tohickon Glass Eyes."
- Floyd Scholz, The Vermont Raptor Academy, Hancock V

Choose from many colors:
Medium & Dark Brown, Red, Yellow, Hazel, Straw, Pale Yellow.

SIZES are 3mm to 14mm.

  • 3-4 mm...$3.20/Pair
  • 5-7 mm...$3.60/Pair
  • 8-11 mm...$4.10/Pair
  • 12mm...$4.60/Pair
  • 14 mm...$5.00/Pair
  • 16mm...$6.30/Pair
  • FLINT SIZE 3-11...$2.40
  • FLINT SIZE 12-14...$3.45

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Glass Bird Eyes on a Wire Stem

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"Flint" eyes: Clear to paint any color you wish
"FLINT" Glass Eyes.
These are clear glass with a black pupil. You paint the back to make the iris of the eye any color you desire. Size 3mm-14mm.

Flints Size 3mm-9mm cost $2.00/Pair.
Flints 10 & 11mm cost $2.20/Pair
12& 14mm cost $2.95/Pair.

We also have VIPER eyes in flint. Use for cats, snakes, dragons, etc.
They come CLEAR, not colored as in the illustration. Add a bit of paint on the back to make them any color you wish.
14-9504: 4mm...$6.25/pair
14-9505: 5mm..."
14-9507: 7mm...$7.50/pair
14-9508: 8mm..."

Specialty Bird Eyes
Concave-Convex Blended Iris Aspheric eyes:

14-9208 8mm Bald Eagle, half-size...$10.95/Pair
14-9210 10mm Bald Eagle...$17.95
14-9212 12mm/Bald Eagle...$17.95/Pair
14-9218 18mm Bald eagle, life-size...$18.95/Pair

14-9408 8mm, half-size...$11.95/Pair
14-9410 10mm..$17.95/Pair
14-9412 12mm...$17.95/Pair
14-9418 18mm, life-size...$18.95/Pair

CONCAVE-CONVEX ASPHERIC BIRD EYES. (See photo of Red eye for example.)

Size 7-10 = $5.50/Pair Size 11-12 = $5.85/Pair

Colors: Med.Brown, Dark Brown, Red, Yellow, Hazel, Staw, Pale Yellow.


BANDED Concave-Convex Bird Eyes.
Good Ones! Concave-back with dark feather banding around outer lens.

  • Size 7-10: $7.00/Pair
  • Size 11-12: $7.25/Pair

  • COLORS: Medium Brown, Dark Brown, Red and Yellow

    CLICK ON THE CHART TO FIND ORDER NUMBERS. You may also give us a call, or refer to the PDF "catalog", page 25, under "How To Order."

Fish Eyes have an Aspheric Shape for Maximum Realism. Flat back.

COLORS= Flint- Trout- - Crappie- Blue Gill-
Small Mouth Bass- Large Mouth Bass- and Walleye.

  • All Flint Sizes...$6.30/Pair
  • All others:Size 8-10mm... $8.00/Pair
  • Size 12-14=$8.80/Pair
  • 16-20mm...$9.95

CLICK ON CHART for order numbers, or you may look at the catalog, under "How To Order" and use page 25. Or call 800-828-5576.