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Carving is successful and fun with sharp tools! The rule of thumb is, "Carve for half an hour, and strop for five minutes."

Here is a variety of products to keep you sharp!

$2.50     Item: Sharpen4U
Tools purchased from Cascade are always sharp and ready for carving at the time of purchase. Due to popular request we are now providing a Sharpening Service at $2.50 per tool, regardless of the manufacturer or where purchased.

When you ship your tools, be sure to include Name, Address, and Phone# inside the box. Also, purchase "Delivery Confirmation" or "Insurance" from your shipper. Payment for sharpened tools is made at the completion of the service via Cash, Check or Charge.

Aluminum Oxide on photo
$2.85     Item: 96-1510
This is a good Medium Duty compound. Faster cut than jeweler's rouge.

Aluminum Oxide Powder
$5.25     Item: 96-1200
Powdered form to sprinkle on your strops.

Green Chromium Oxide Compound for Paper Wheels, 21oz.
$9.00     Item: 79-1130
Learn the excellent method of sharpening with wheels on your grinder.
This is a BIG bar of Chromium Oxide for your Paper Wheel.

YELLOWSTONE Stropping Compound
$7.90     Item: 82-1400
A:The best I've found. Aggressive cut & excellent polishing qualities.

DMT Diamond Sharpening Card: Xtra Fine..1200 Grit....fits in Wallet
$14.95     Item: 91-1106

DMT Diamond Sharpening Card: COARSE..325 Grit....fits in Wallet
$14.95     Item: 91-1102

Dual Pack with flat and VEE leather Power Strops
$35.50     Item: 95-0002

Standard flat leather Power Strop
$21.50     Item: 95-0001
Mount the Power Strops to an electric drill with the included arbor. Made from laminated leather. Comes with aluminum oxide compound.

Part #95-0001 $21.50
Standard Power Strop with a flat edge.

Part #95-0002 is the DUAL Pack $35.50.
Includes the Standard Power Strop, and the Vee Strop with an edge that comes to a Vee shape.

Wayne Barton's Ceramic Sharpening Stones Set
$62.95     Item: 51-1105
600 grit and 1800 grit, alumina crystal and aluminum oxide (the hardest stone, next to diamond.
Use without water or oil for a razor sharp edge. Hand held or bench mounted. Set of two: black, medium grade stone for shaping and sharpening and white stone is an ultra-fine stone for honing, polishing, and touching up the edge while carving. Each stone comes with its own protective cover. 1 3/4 wide x 4" long.

Slick-Stick Strop with compound
$23.95     Item: 97-2100
From Cleve Taylor, the slick-Stick easily strops the edges of any shaped blade. Curves for doing inside of your tools. Very versatile. All leather.

Compound comes in 2 sizes:
97-2106: Small $1.60
97-2107: Large $2.65

Slip on photo
$13.95     Item: 95-0012
This sharpening kit from Flexcut has a strip of leather, and a variety of edges that have been specially moulded to allow for polishing and deburring the hard to reach areas on the inside of V-tools and gouges as well as the outside edge bevel. Includes a bar of Flexcut Gold polishing compound.

Two-Sided STROP
$13.95     Item: 90-1600
What a great bench strop. Load the rough side with "Yellowstone" or Aluminum Oxide for easy honing. A bit of oil on the smooth side provides polishing.

Arbor for any electric motor
$10.50     Item: 16-3925
This is the Element you need to create your own sharpening system!
Use this arbor on any electric motor, and you can attach a paper wheel and buffing wheel, and sharpen like a pro.

Flexcut Strop: 8" X 2" of leather. Comes with Flexcut gold sharpening cmpnd
$13.95     Item: 95-0014

8" Muslin Floppy Buffing Wheel
$15.80     Item: 79-1108
This Muslin Floppy Buffing Wheel is the final touch of honing after you sharpen tools on your Paper Wheel. To work properly, it must operate at 3450 RPM standard grinder speed. Use it with our BIG Aluminum Oxide bar. When used in this manner, it will not roll,dull, the edge of your tool.

Floppy Aluminum Oxide Sharpening Compound, 23 ounces.
$8.40     Item: 79-1128
This is a BIG bar of Aluminum Oxide, for use on the floppy wheel.

Razorsharp Honing Wheel...8" x 1" x 1/2"....5/8" hole.
$23.95     Item: 83-8346
RazorSharp Honing Wheels combined with the Muslin buffer create the best honing system available. It will even handle minor reshaping.
Use Green compound on Honing Wheel, and White compound on Buffing Wheel.

Razorsharp Honing Wheel...8" x 1"- 1/4"x 1/2"......5/8" hole.
$28.50     Item: 83-8356