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Products to add ease, and products to add fun. This is the page where you might find your own carving-secret-weapon. Castings, Cleaners, Contour Gauge, Driftwood Polish, Epoxies, Eye-Punches, Glue, Quickwood, Scalpel.
Shown here are images from the Enlow Study Sticks.

Enlow Study Sticks....with illustrated Guide booklets
$18.95     Item: Enlowstudy
Each stick comes with a full color carving guide for $18.95! Study sticks are a great way to learn to carve features and expressions. Choose from:
47-9010 Noses & Hair

47-9011 Eyes & Lips

47-9012 Ugly Faces

47-9013 Ears

47-9014 Cowboy

47-9016 Native American Face

47-9017 Female Face

47-9018 Wood Spirit Study stick KIT; includes wood blank too. $25.95

Mend-All Woodworking Plastic, 1/2# can
$7.30     Item: 70-1502
D: More density and better burnability than other acetone based fillers. Excellent around a neck joint. Can be wood-burned.

E: Also shown in the picture is Atlas 2-part Epoxy Putty, white. Use to set eyes, etc. Water soluble, easily shaped with a wet brush, grinds well. Cannot be wood burned. $4.95

F: Quick-Wood Epoxy Wood filler. 74-1401 $6.50.

$8.75     Item: 54-1003
Great for filling, sculpting and bonding. Non-toxic epoxy. 1-3 hour working time. This is a 4 oz. pkg.

Atlas 2-Part Epoxy Putty
$4.95     Item: 75-1002
E: White in color. Use it to set eyes, etc. It is Water Soluble, easily shaped with a wet brush, and grinds well. Will not burn, not for wood burning.

QUICKWOOD Epoxy Woodfiller
$6.50     Item: 74-1401
F: 15-25 minutes of working time before it dries. Ready to carve in an hour. Carves like wood. Can be worked with water. A superior epoxy putty.

Zap Kicker, Aerosol Spray, 2 ounces
$6.95     Item: 71-1015
B: This accelerator is really fast. It works on ANY Super Glue. Apply the glue, spray the accelerator, and there is instant adhesion.

Zap/CA Super Glue
$7.95     Item: 71-1008
A:Super thin, penetrating formula for quick setting. 1 oz. bottle.
Use it with "accelorator" for instant set.
Double-seal cap keeps glue from drying.

Zap-A-Gap "CA", one ounce bottle
$8.10     Item: 71-1002
C: This glue will bridge or fill a small gap. Sets in 20 seconds.

Saber Saw Set
$7.95     Item: 60-6148
This saw comes with Three Blades, all with razor sharp teeth: two keyhole saber blades, and one larger push-and-pull blade.
The blades are made of high quality steel, and the wooden handle is comfortable in your hand.

$32.95     Item: 73-2100
This Washable dust mask really works.
  • Will not fog up your glasses.
  • Adjusts to all faces, even over beards.
  • Hand washable
  • Will last for years.

O: Carvers Glove: Stainless Steel Thread
$16.50     Item: 56-2101
Woven vinyl mesh and a stainless steel thread-core. The glove has excellent resistance, is washable, and a great value.
Small: 56-2101
Medium: 56-2102
Large: 56-2103

P: Thumb and Finger Guards
$1.95     Item: 92-3301
These guards wrap completely over the end of the thumb or finger. Short elastic insert insures a snug fit.

Finger Guard: size fits all
Small Thumb Guard: 92-3301
Medium Thumb Guard: 92-3302
Large Thumb Guard: 92-3303

$3.95     Item: 72-2101
H: Driftwood Polish. This pie-shaped wedge is extremely hard. It actually "treats" the wood. Polishes anything, including rocks and seashells, with minimum effort. The more you rub, the more it shines.

Denim Carver's Apron
$31.50     Item: 96-1304
This Heavy-weight denim apron has a special feature! Velcro tabs allow the bottom of the apron to fold up into a large chip-catching pocket. Adjusts to all sizes.

Leather Carvers Apron
$31.00     Item: 91-1191
Adjustable strap, one size fits all.
Great for power carvers.

Stainless Steel SCALPEL Handle
$9.95     Item: 81-7171
O: Stainless Steel Scalpel Handle.
Shown in picture with Standard Scalpel blades.

P: 81-8115 Standard Scalpel Blades 10 Pk: $5.90
Q: 81-8114 Hooked Scalpel Blades 10 Pk: $5.90

Scalpel Blades. Package of ten.
$5.90     Item: 81-8115
Standard Scalpel Blades: #81-8115

Hook Scalpel Blades: #81-8114 (shown here)

$19.65     Item: 88-2520
P: This professional contour gauge has plastic pins that hold shapes firmly. Ideal for creating mirror images from side to side.